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Project Description
A Team Foundation Server 2010 process template designed to support lean software development practices.

  • Kanban is a next-generation agile software development methodology. Based on Lean Manufacturing techniques that made Toyota wildly successful, Kanban offers an innovative new approach to software development. Timeboxed iterations are out, replaced by a continuous just-in-time model that limits work in progress to maximize throughput. The User Story is replaced by the Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) as a unit of work. Team Velocity is replaced by Cycle Time as a measure of throughput.
  • Visual Studio Team System is arguably the best integrated, most cost-effective Application Lifecycle Management tool on the market. Visual Studio Team System 2010, available now as Beta 1 for evaluation and testing, offers many compelling new features that advance the state of the art and push Team System even further out front.
  • Kanban relies on the use of a Task Board as a visual control to represent the flow of work through the software development process. These task boards are typically sticky notes on a whiteboard. However, a new crop of electronic task boards is emerging. These electronic task boards can be easily accessed by geographically dispersed stakeholders, and many of them offer an API that can be used to integrate with Visual Studio Team System.

The goal of this project is to combine these three powerful forces into the best Lean Software Development tool set on the planet.

Objectives of this Project
More Information on Kanban

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