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  • Create work item type definitions that support a lean software development workflow
  • Take a modular approach that makes it easy to interface with a variety of different electronic kanban boards and legacy request tracking systems.

The following list, created by David Anderson, provides a good starting point of features that the process template should support. It's important to note that the process template does not necessarily need to implement all these feature - some will be contained in external visual controls (i.e. electronic kanban boards).

Required Features

  • Flexibility in workflow design
  • Flexibility in reporting
  • Canned reports should include cumulative flow & cycle time spectral analysis and both should allow defined start and end dates and shouldn't be tied to releases
  • WIP Limits across steps in the workflow
  • WIP Limit over-ride with audit trail
  • Swimlane support
  • Colored card support
  • Decorate cards with icons
  • Hierarchical work item / card support with two tiered display.
  • Allow swimlanes to be assigned to hierarchical support, class of service or work item type
  • Allow color to be assigned to class or service or work item type
  • Allow icon decoration to be assigned to class of service or work item type
  • Allow person cards to be stacked on work cards
  • Support for target cycle time per class or service and status reporting on due date performance and likelihood of due date achievement - highlighting of time remaining or time expired
  • Allocation of WIP limits across swimlanes and colors of cards i.e. allocation of WIP limits across classes of service and work item types
  • WIP limits on two tiered hierarchies

Nice to have features

  • Support for SPC charts on WIP, velocity and cycle time
  • Animated replay
  • Enforced class of service pull policies i.e. system should highlight which item should be pulled next
  • Simulation - ability to predict which release a particular card will be delivered in
  • Canned report for daily-delta, showing what changed since yesterday
  • Ability to host multiple boards, representing different teams on different projects sharing product level goals i.e. a program rolling up together with some dependent integration
  • On-screen policy definitions, configurable by project/initiative/value-stream describing rules and classes of service

Source Kanban Product Owners Cheat Sheet

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